Dressing code for Housewarming Ceremony: Traditional Outfits


Housewarming Ceremony or Griha Pravesh Puja is performed in Hindu traditions to represent your devotion to the deities. Puja is a Hindu ritual performed by the people in Indian culture to show devotion. We offer flowers, fruits, and all related things in the puja ritual. Puja is done on special occasions, festivals, weddings, and at different time zones according to availability. 

According to the priest consultant, puja may be performed at home or in the temple. We can wear simple and traditional outfits according to the surrounding area. We can wear different attire according to the puja ceremony.

What is Griha pravesh puja?

Griha Pravesh puja is a Hindu ritual worldwide that is most popular in traditional Hindu pratha. When we start a new beginning and the first step in the new house, Griha Pravesh puja is performed. Griha Pravesh Puja is called a Housewarming ceremony, a type of custom in the Hindu religion.

Griha Pravesh puja is performed in a Hindu ritual before occupying a new home to seek blessings from deities for prosperity, health, and protection from negative energies. Puja helps us remove all negative energy and bring happiness and a healthy environment.

Significance of Griha Pravesh Puja 

Every puja, according to custom and ritual, has a great significance that consists of purity.

Puja may be performed to purify the environment, remove vastu dosh and negative energies, and bring prosperity and harmony. We understand the significance by the following steps-

  • Griha Pravesh holds spiritual significance in Hindu tradition.
  • To purify the home and remove the negative vibes from the home Griha Pravesh puja is performed.
  • Griha Pravesh puja is a ritual that is performed by the chanting mantra, offering the deities, lighting the lamps, and seeking blessing and harmony.
  • Griha Pravesh puja purifies our surroundings when we leave the home.
  • Griha Pravesh puja is performed to bring good fortune.

Which is the best idea for a Griha Pravesh dress?

Each individual has a different conception and idea about the traditional outfits. How we choose the dress for a Griha Pravesh is a question of entire fashion sensibility. Some people prefer a glamorous appearance, while others may prefer to choose a special and delicate aspect. Simpler and traditional styles may be preferred for the Griha Pravesh occasion. Your sense of attire will define your fusion of culture and fashion.

Dressing code For Griha Pravesh puja 

According to the huge ceremony, we decided on the dress code for the Griha Pravesh puja. Puja is performed on different dates and time slots so we can prepare the dress code for the puja. We enjoy our auspicious puja ritual with simple and traditional outfits. It is a myth that Griha Pravesh puja is performed in the short term, but it is performed a lot. Choosing our dressing attire for a new puja and ritual is a sign of blessings. Men and women choose different outfits for the puja ceremony. 

Dress Idea for Women or Girls

  • Sharara suit
  • Anarkali suit
  • Branded suit (like -Biba, Ritu Kumar pattern)
  • Bandhani Patiala suits
  • Silk embroidered saree
  • Floral frock dresses
  • Polka-dotted dress and jeans
  • Bandhani saree
  • Half sleeve and deep neck suit
  • Denim dresses
  • Touser with shirt
  • Floral saree in tissue cloth
  • Sree in Gota patti 
  • Chunnadi and pila pom cha saree (special for puja )and famous in Indian tradition.
  • Rajputi poshak
  • Ghagra and choli
  • Chicken kurta and chicken saree

Dress Idea for Men and Boys   

  • Kurta pajama for Indian house ceremony
  • Avoid jeans in puja 
  • Choose a  light color like White, light yellow
  • Sunglasses and hat accessories
  • Jacket and trousers
  • Bright color shirt and paint 
  • Dhoti and kurta 
  • Jodhpuri suit 
  • Indo-western and classic outfits
  • Pathani suits

Theme-based dressing code for Griha Pravesh puja 

We can select the theme-based dressing code for Griha Pravesh puja to match their environment. We can follow the most popular themes for the Griha Pravesh puja –

  • Red and Yellow colors special for puja )
  • Chicken cloth theme
  • Bandhej Print 
  • Leheriya print
  • Pastel Shade in clothes
  • Paithani print
  • Kanjivaram print
  • Bengali Dress 
  • South Indian Dress 
  • Indo-Western Theme etc. 
  • Banarsi
  • Chanderi
  • Organza 
  • Ajrak print
  • Kasavu theme (kerla saree)
  • Patola theme base

Avoid these colors and patterns in Griha Pravesh


Puja has a holistic meaning in rituals, which keeps a lot of meaning for every person, so we should use light colors, according to religion and suggested by the priest. Besides this we can follow some patterns and colours-

  • Avoid black color 
  • Avoid tight paints 
  • Avoid deep neck suit 
  • Avoid dark color 
  • Avoid transparent and flashy
  • Avoid flip flop 
  • Avoid huge bags 
  • Avoid multiple Accessories
  • Avoid used dress 

Dress code according to the season and location 

We can wear our attire based on the seasons and location: summer, winter, and rainy seasons. We can wear floral neck, light color, flexible footwear that is comfortable with your body in the summer season, and we wear blazers, jackets, and shoes in the winter season, and in the rainy season, we can use them according to the weather. We wear full sleeves and half sleeves and tight and loose, full and short clothes based on the location.


Griha Pravesh Puja is called the housewarming ceremony performed on the house’s first step. Griha Pravesh puja also known as Gruhapravesam. This puja is conducted to purify your culture in Hindu tradition and protect it from negative energies. Puja brings prosperity, harmony, and good fortune. 

Dressing code and theme play an important role In the Griha Pravesh puja.we perform Griha Pravesh puja along with the vastu puja,navagrh shanti puja . we should wear dress according to puja and suggested by the host and priest.