The Top Type of Packing Tape To Use When Moving

Moving packing tape is an item you don’t think about until you actually need it, after which it will be the only thing that really seems important.If you need to paint a room, you’ll want to use the perfect masking tape to do a professional job, like a professional painter.If you need to close boxes, you will need suitable adhesive tape that does not open mid-shipment.In short, when you move, your shopping list will include: boxes, packing materials and yes, duct tape! Best Movers Adelaide specializes in seamless and efficient relocation services, offering a team of skilled professionals dedicated to ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving experience.

What you will find in this article is:

But which type of packing tape is best suited to accompany you during the move?
Differences between adhesive packaging tapes

  • Temperature
  • Grade
  • Sticker
  • Width and color
  • The best packing tapes for moving
  • Anonymous adhesive tape
  • Filing tape
  • Masking tape

Adhesive tapes you shouldn’t use for moving

It’s time to leave!But which type of packing tape is best suited to accompany you during the move?
After cooperating with several moving companies, we have concluded that not all adhesive tapes are created equal.

Some tapes are simply not suitable for moving boxes and will make packing much more difficult.But not only…Having just one type of packing tape won’t work for all the things you need to do during a Best movers adelaide So, in light of this, let’s see the differences between packaging tapes.

Differences between adhesive packaging tapes:

There are many factors that differentiate each type of tape. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind when choosing the right tape:

Temperature: Some tapes are better than others when it comes to withstanding certain temperatures and humidity levels.You’ll want to take the environment into consideration when deciding on a tape so it stays sealed even in wet conditions or on a cold truck.

Grade: “Grade” is a fancy word for the viscosity and strength of the tape. The higher the grade, the thicker and stronger the tape.

Sticker: There are a few different types of stickers for different things that you’re sticking together. In particular, hot melt adhesive and acrylic adhesive.

Width and color: How wide is the tape, and is it wide enough to cover the space between the boxes? What colour is it? Color is something to think about when it comes time to organize and sort all the boxes while unpacking.

The best packing tapes for moving

Well, now we can move on to trying to understand which tape is best suited to your needs:

Anonymous adhesive tape

Anonymous tape is the best solution for moving.This tape can be purchased in a hot-melt version and is therefore strong enough to resist the handling of moving boxes as you go from point A to point B.You’ll also need to get a portable tape dispenser so it’s easy to cut and apply to the boxes quickly. (Plus, this makes it feel pretty good to throw down boxes like a pro.)

Use for: Building and sealing moving boxes.

Link to purchase adhesive tape: Anonymous Adhesive Tape

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Filing tape

This special tape should be used for boxes that enter the basement or attic without a plan to get them out soon.We know you; you also have boxes with second-grade books.Because it’s a heavier acrylic adhesive, this stuff can last up to 10 years in any type of temperature or humidity. So you can leave those boxes in your container, knowing they’ll stay tightly closed.

Link to purchase adhesive tape: Filing Adhesive Tape

Masking tape

Most of us have used masking tape. It’s that thin beige tape you can use for random tasks around the house.While this tape is helpful during the moving process, it should never be used for sealing. He’s not that good.But it’s still a useful tape to pick up when packing because you can use it to bundle kitchen utensils or even label boxes.Sure, it’s a really great tape to write on, so grab that permanent marker and start labeling, baby!

Link to purchase adhesive tape: Adhesive Masking Tape

Adhesive tapes you shouldn’t use for moving

If you stick to our top three moving tapes, then you should be good to go.

But just to make sure you stay on track, we want to mention the tapes you should avoid getting around:

  • Electrical tape
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Medical tape
  • It’s time to leave!
    Do you feel more informed about your needs?

Who knew there were so many varieties to choose from? But if choosing the perfect movers and packers makes the process a little less stressful, then we think it’s worth taking the time to buy the right things to do the job!