Protecting Laminated Table Tops During a Family Dinner – 4 Secrets from Experts

Family dinners are fun but they can be messy as well. Bringing the entire family together under one roof and hosting and entertaining everyone over the season can be hectic. Though it’s one of the most amazing parts of family dinners, accidents can happen and damage your deluxe dining area. Along with spills, water rings, scratches and heat marks can happen and have a damaging effect on your lush laminated table tops.

Wondering how can protect your laminated dining tabletops during family dinner?

Let’s dive into that in the following blog post.

4 secrets to protecting your laminated dining tables during a family dinner

Protecting your dining furniture is one of the most essential responsibilities when you’re planning a family dinner. It might be a great time to reunite your entire family over the meal, but that doesn’t mean that you’d neglect your precious dining tabletops, especially the laminated ones.

Here are the top 4 secrets from furniture experts to protect your laminated dining table during family dinner:

1. Be aware of putting additional heat on your laminated dining table.

Even though laminated dining tabletops are sturdy, they can get damaged due to excessive heat. If you place something too hot, like a hot pan, directly from the oven without any heat protector, it’ll lead to warping the lamination or bending it out of shape.

Alongside it, the sun is another factor you must protect your laminated dining table from. Placing your dining table near the window or room heater (during winter) can also damage your laminated table, causing fading and/or discoloration.

2. Use a tablecloth, table cover, or protector on your laminated dining table.

One of the brilliant ways to protect your laminated dining table during a family dinner is by placing tablecloths, table covers, or protectors over it. Choosing a nice tablecloth for your dining table can’t only make it look beautiful but also protect the laminated surface from accidental spills and surface scratches.

You can also add decorative table coasters and placements to celebrate the family dinner in style while still taking care of your dining room. They can also protect your laminated dining tables from burns and unsightly scratches from hot plates and bowls.

3. Take care of spills as soon as possible.

Though it seems a bit impossible during the family dinner, taking care of the spills immediately is one of the best ways to protect your laminated tables.

Blot up any immediate spills on your table using paper towels as much as you can. Then you can use a soapy solution using gentle soap and water to wipe the spills off. You can also use specialised table cleaners for the same.

4. Dust your dining table regularly to protect it.

Keeping your dining table clean is also one of the best ways to maintain a good standard of hygiene in your dining space throughout the year. Regularly dusting your laminated table with a soft cloth can prevent the buildup of loose dirt and grime that could lead to blemishes on your dining table.

Experts suggest avoiding dry microfiber cloths or dusters with solvent- or cream-based cleaners, which will be better for your laminated dining table health. You can, however, use a simple household cleaner to keep your laminated dining tabletop clean.

Bottom line

Wondering how can you keep your laminated table tops protected during a family dinner? Instead of using harsh chemicals on them, all you’ll have to do is follow the tips from the experts. This blog can help you understand the importance of protecting lush laminated table tops during a family dinner.