How Are Metal Buildings Helping The Environment?

Did you know that the recycling rate of steel globally is about 85%? Not only can metal buildings be reused multiple times, but it also saves energy and helps reduce CO2 emissions. Overall, it reduces the demand for new raw materials. The circular economy aligns with global efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

But how exactly are metal buildings eco-friendly?

With insulation, vents, and proper design, you can make steel structures energy-efficient, reducing your monthly energy bills. Also, metal does not emit toxic fumes over time, promoting healthy indoor living. Structural steel is durable, needs low upkeep, is pest- and weather-resistant, and retains its structural strength with time. So, it offers support that is ideal for solar panel installation.

What is metal recycling?

First, you collect the used metals, process them, and then they are ready for reuse. Some commonly recycled metals are steel, aluminum, and copper. The detailed process of metal recycling includes collecting discarded metals from waste, sorting them based on their properties, shredding them into smaller pieces, and finally melting them in a furnace.

Once the metal is in a liquid state, the purification process (electrolysis or chemical treatment) removes contamination, such as dirt, paint, and coatings. Proper recycling conserves resources, consumes less energy, and minimizes waste.

And that’s not it! Metal recycling has several benefits. First, it reduces the need for constant metal extraction from the ground. Second, the energy needed to recycle is less than the energy consumed in extraction. In addition, it prevents deforestation and habitat loss for other species. Hence, it preserves biodiversity and maintains ecological balance.

Structural steel is 100% recyclable, reducing waste and diverting metal from landfills. Moreover, it creates new jobs in recycling facilities, collection centers, and related sectors. For businesses, it lowers production cost and makes materials available at affordable prices to consumers. So, sustainability favors business, nature, and you. Have a look at the infographic below for more details.

metal buildingsImage Source: Metal Building Infographic