Some Great Advantages To Owning An Iphone

TIP! Keep your phone updated. These updates can give your phone new abilities, as well as fix known bugs and security flaws.

You may have to own an iphone to know they are proficient of the great things that iPhones can do for their owners with very little effort. If you already have an iphone or are contemplating purchasing one, read on for some great tips on using it and personalizing it.

TIP! Wouldn’t a larger keyboard make it easier to enter messages and surf the Internet on your iPhone? However, you do not have to purchase a larger keyboard. The iPhone’s own keyboard can be made bigger by rotating the phone sideways and tapping the Safari address bar.

Get a keyboard to make the most of your iphone. The iphone has the capability to provide you with a bigger keyboard already built in.Simply turn your iphone horizontal and press the Safari address bar.

TIP! Don’t waste any time keying in “.com” (or any other TLD) on the end of URLs when you’re browsing the Internet on your iPhone.

Buy a screen protector for your phone. Without such a protective device, there will be scratches and nicks. Just having a tiny speck of grime on your hand may harm the screen.

Your iphone can guide you get from one location to a new one. You can bookmark the map so that it is quickly accessible at all times.

TIP! Buy a screen protector for your iPhone. Those who do not use screen protectors run the risk of incurring scratches on the screen.

You can use the cord on your headphones to take an iphone photo. Begin by bringing the camera on the subject you would like to capture. When you are ready to take the photograph, press the button that is on the cord. This will then take the photograph. You can now save the picture like you would normally.

TIP! You may be sick and tired of the many notifications you receive when using your iPhone. You’ll find it easy to disable them.

Are you having second thoughts about the latest missive you have put in iMessage? Has your meaning been messed up by Auto Correct negatively altered the body of your message? There is a very easy way to fix this; just shake your iphone quickly. This is a quick way to undo recent typing. Go to your Settings and make sure this function is enabled.

TIP! Any website can be turned into an iPhone app listed on your home screen. Open the website on your phone’s browser.

A website that is divided into sections can be perused slowly using one finger to see each box. You can quickly scroll down the main page by using two fingers.

TIP! The iPhone has a nifty little feature where you can come up with your own shortcuts and dictionary. When working with diction, this helps the phone automatically recognize what you are trying to say.

You can enable your iphone visually indicate when you have an incoming messages and calls. Just access the settings menu,” followed by “Accessibility.” Then activate the LED Flash button to receive alerts feature.

TIP! A great way to maximize the utility of your iPhone is to take advantage of its multimedia capabilities. When you download movies, tv shows or video clips, your iPhone becomes a great entertainment solution.

Always keep your OS is upgraded to the most recent version. Apple iPhones have now almost become as intricate as computers, so there are occasional patches to fix bugs, security holes and functionality issues. This updating is crucial if any personal information is accessed online using your phone.

TIP! By default, your iPhone will show a preview of incoming messages on the lock screen. You may find this handy or annoying.

Keep the firmware updated on your iphone current. This will both your iPhone’s functionality and extend the battery life. Just make sure you have iTunes on your computer and then connect your iphone to it. You can also connect to an Apple computer.

TIP! Have you missed an opportunity to get a great picture because your camera application was too slow to ramp up? Use this shortcut instead. With your screen in the locked position, double tap your Home button.

One simple tip for the best things about owning an iphone is to personalize your ringtone. The default ringtones blend in with other Iphone users and you will probably think your iphone is ringing when someone else has the same ringtone. You can use a great song or an audio byte that makes you enjoy. This is a surefire way to let your personality shine through!

TIP! You may realize that your iPhone can remind you of something that is happening at a certain time. However, you may not be aware that location-based reminders are also possible.

Your iPhone’s calendar is a great tool. You can make it more efficient by directly adding your events instead of always using the + button. When you are in the day area, tapping and holding on any hour will automatically create a new event for that time. Fast scheduling helps you more time to work with!

You may wish to ignore the notification until you finish. You can quickly get rid yourself of the notification.You only need to swipe away the pop up screen.

TIP! One great suggestion for your iPhone is making use of Facebook. Many people already know this, but there are some who are unaware of the phone’s ability to use Facebook.

Do not panic if your iphone freezes on you.If that doesn’t work, then try pressing the sleep and home button at the same time. This will walk you through restarting your phone and the Apple logo should appear.

TIP! Think about buying an app for battery management. There are a number of these apps available, and each can help you determine which features and functions use the most battery life; they can also help you figure out what changes to make in order to extend the battery’s life.

You can customize shortcuts to specific words on your phone that will allow for faster typing. Go to Settings, look under General, Keyboard, and finally Add New Shortcut. You can create shortcuts for common phrases or words you type often by adding abbreviations or acronyms as desired. When you type these shortcuts, the words will automatically be put in.

TIP! If you are writing an e-mail, but don’t have the time to finish, cancel it instead of closing the app. Your iPhone will ask you if you want to save your email as a draft.

You probably learned something new about the iPhone’s capabilities now that you’ve read this article. Now, put these tips into use the next time you are using your iphone or use them to decided whether the iphone is the phone for you.

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